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NyHc4Life [entries|friends|calendar]
NyHc, No Bullshit

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[03 Sep 2005|12:19am]


That picture in the info thing was from mad long ago. Good ole carrot top and hellboy.

[24 Jul 2005|12:17am]

Finally! A brutal hardcore community that has some sense. A while back, I joined this one community full of a bunch of trend fuck pussies that flamed me for saying that my favorite band was Biohazard, when they have a bunch of punk bands listed. I know that hardcore derived from punk, but come on! Anyway, I checked out the information page, and a lot of the bands that I like are listed on there.


[23 Sep 2004|06:57pm]

So yeah, I was listening to Some Section 8 today. Holy shit, I wish I joined our scene to actually see them play..Also sang along(gotta, Its Section 8) Winter to be exact...Ever have a moment like that? Just scream and sing to your favorite song? Hell, I have many a time..So, As first..Whats the song or songs you like to sing along too?

Just a question, Popped in some All Out War after that. I remeber The first show they ahd around here in a long time. Man, They rocked ass, I get fucking goosebumps thinking about it, Singing along with Mike to Soaked in torment, Then moshing, One of the best shows Ive ever seen. Fuck, I need to go to more shows..

Anyways, More Later


I need another mod, Jus tone..Postitions open
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Sorry [22 Sep 2004|06:34pm]

Sorry for the downtime guys, I thought no one would join so I havent checked it, lol. Ok..Now onto the stuff! Posting when I ahve time..PEaCE


[12 Aug 2004|09:23pm]


[12 Aug 2004|09:14pm]

[ mood | tired ]

The First entry. Well, I made this after searching some NyHc in the intrests box and well, The best thing they had was NYDM and other scremo and punky bullshit. Fuck that, Thats not Ny Hardcore, Shit aint even Hardcore at all. T'is Bullshit!

On to This, do what you please here. Fight, Show listings, Promotions what have you.

More to update when stepup gets upa dn running, I have not the energy right now to go searching. So, When you visit here, Tell a friend. New members are always welcome!!


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